Tourist Guide

To help you discover our beloved territory, we provide our customers with a professional tour guide service.

Diletta and Marta are two tourist guides in love with this city, its territory and its traditions. Together with them you can discover the other soul of Rimini, the most authentic, made of history and ancient and important monuments.

Two packages have been designed for our customers: one dedicated to visiting the city during the day, and one in the evening. Reservations are required within 48 hours of the start of the tour.

Let’s discover Rimini

Arch of Augustus Rimini

We will visit the historical center of the city, the ancient face of this Roman colony and its artistic beauties.

  • VISIT DAY, 2.5 hours approx. Meeting at 9.15 am at Arch of August
  • PRICE: 7€/person + 2€ (domus + museum combined ticket)
  • For children under 18, entry to the domus and museum are free. For children under 10, the visit is free

Rimini by night


Castello Sismondo RiminiRimini by night is not just for nightclubs and entertainment. The true heart of the city beats in the historic center, which at night shines in all its beauty.

  • EVENING VISIT, 1 hour and 30 minutes approx. Meeting at 9 pm at Castel Sismondo
  • PRICE: 7€/person
  • For children under 10, the visit is free

Bonus Vacanze

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Dog Kit

Per tutti i Clienti che decideranno di soggiornare da noi per almeno una settimana accompagnati dal loro amico a 4 zampe sarà fornito un simpatico e utile dog kit.
Dog Kit

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